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Posted By: DougR
04-Oct-00 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: Anybody watch the debate?
Subject: RE: Anybody watch the debate?
I am somewhat amazed that so many U. S. Mudcatters are taking this election so lightly. The flip remarks, statements proudly written that he/she was so disenchanted with both candidates, they couldn't be bothered watching the debates. Like or dislike either candidate, one of them is going to be President of the United States.

Lord knows, Kendall and I are poles apart when it comes to politics, but at least he states his beliefs with conviction and strongly supports his candidate.

Strong supporters of Ralph Nader have done likewise.

I agree that this should not be a popularity contest. If it were, in my opinion, Bush would be a shoo-in. Gore has the personality of a totem pole. But a totem pole with arrogance, and self-importance to boot. But I guess some people enjoy being "talked down to."

Many have expressed surprise that Bush did as well as he did. Where did that idea come from? One doesn't become governor of a state by being a fool. I will admit that even about Clinton. You were surprised, I think, because the media told you that Bush would make a fool of himself, and you believed what you read in your newspapers and saw and heard on TV and radio. You heard it on TV, that makes it so.

If I were a young person today in the work force, I would take a long hard look at Bush's plan for social security. His plan is not going to allow you to put your money in risky high-stake, get rich quick stocks, you will be allowed to invest part of your SS savings in mutual funds, and other safer type investment vehicles. And if you have followed the stock market at all over a long period of time, you will realize that when you cash in your SS chips upon retirement, your payout is going to be a hell of a lot better than the fixed income levels seniors are wrestling with today as a result of their government's investment practices.

And what's with this all this talk about Bush not being qualified because he is just the governor of the second largest state in the Union? What the hell did Clinton do before he became President? Chop cotton?