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Posted By: gnu
24-Mar-11 - 01:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Appalachian Destruction
Subject: RE: BS: Appalachian Destruction
The only thing I liked about the film was the music. Other than that, it was disgusting... heartwrenching at times to see the destruction and the misery.

As an engineering student in the 70s, I was impressed by the magnitude of the machinery (dragline) I viewed and walked through here in New Brunswick, Canada. But, a fellow engineering student buddy had just got his pilot's license shortly after our field trip and we went for a cruise... what I saw from the air sickened me. 80' deep a 16" seam of coal was strip mined... for coal with the highest sulpher content in the world at that time. No amount of air bombing our lakes with lime could stop the acid rain (which had been the cured to some extent previously to abate the acid rain from the Eastern USA).

Previously crystal clear lakes were choked of life from the acid rain from the US and from our own mine. If I was to say "acid rain" to anyone under 30 years old today they would look at me curiously and ask, "What's acid rain?"

Sickening... innit?