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Posted By: GUEST,Mike Jackson
27-Mar-11 - 09:37 PM
Thread Name: Anonyma rides again (briefly)-Lister & McLaughlin
Subject: RE: Anonyma rides again (briefly)-Lister & McLaughlin
Greetings from Australia.
Wow! Just rediscovered 'Icarus' — what a lovely version and what a song. Who wrote it?
Shame the pair of you weren't out in Australia recently with Martin Simpson.
Prefer you contact me via my email address. As — much as I love MudCat — I'm not a regular here and don't fully understand the workings of it all. Massively useful source of lyrics and knowledge about the songs though.
I'm touring UK in June — not that you're likely to find me this time as the only festival I'm doing at this stage is the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain. My son Thom is the ukulele player. Me? I'm in the 'If you can, do; if you can't, teach' category. I'm blessed/cursed with being, amongst other things, a world authority on Lesson One for learning uke — I must be, I've delivered it so many hundreds of times!

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Kindest Regards