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Posted By: Jim Dixon
29-Mar-11 - 10:35 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Keep It in the Family Circle (G Fields)
Subject: Lyr Add: KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY CIRCLE (G Fields)
Found at Bill Hanks' web site - Click to play an mp3 file. Here's my transcription:

Words, Stanley Damerell & Robert Hargreaves; music, Tolchard Evans & Harry Tilsley; ©1938.
As sung by Gracie Fields

Me father years ago brought 'ome a ripe young Stilton cheese.
He'd 'ad a few an' they'd gone to 'is 'ead.
In fact, me mother's under the impression to this day
That the Stilton cheese brought Father 'ome instead.
None of us dared tackle it, an' as the years rolled by,
We sort of grew attached to it, an' so,
The other day when Mother said 'twas time we threw it out,
Then we all burst into tears, an' Pa cried, "No! No! No!
Keep it in the family circle.
Keep it just for old times' sake.
Ye cannot turn it out to face the world so full of strife.
After all, it's given us the best years of its life.
I know the League of Nations would condemn it.
For makin' poison gas it would be fine.
As a weapon, it's alarmin',
But till England starts disarmin',
Let us keep it just for auld lang syne."

The soap works an' the glue works were as jealous as could be.
Our Stilton's ...(?) was the best by far.
It made us seem important 'cause at times it used to 'um
Till the neighbours really thought we 'ad a car.
When once the vicar called, collectin' odds an' ends to sell
At 'is next jumble sale an' church bazaar,
Ma let 'im 'ave the Stilton, but next week 'e brought it back,
An' in quite a broken voice said, "Here you are!
Keep it in the family circle.
Keep it just for old times' sake.
Its perfume drowns the organ and the choir 'ave sworn to go.
It's so high that the steeple is resenting it, I know,
And half me flock are changing their religion.
I'll have no congregation left in time.
As your Stilton's changing my church
From a low church to a high church,
Won't you keep it just for auld lang syne?"

When Father one time took us to the waxworks for a treat,
He took the Stilton, wishing to be kind.
The same night, when 'e went along to tuck it up in bed,
He discovered that 'e'd left the cheese behind.
The man who owned the waxworks brought it back next day but one,
Inclined to be bad-tempered, curt and rough.
He said, "I cannot show this 'cause I can't make up me mind
Whether it's too dead or not quite dead enough!
Keep it in the family circle.
Keep it just for old times' sake.
Down in the 'orror chamber, it gave Burke and Hare a fright.
They swear they won't stop with it alone without a light.
It strangled both the princes in the tower,
An' Charlie ... 'as threatened to resign,
So before it grows too fruity
As to wake the Sleepin' Beauty,
Won't you keep it just for auld lang syne?