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Posted By: VirginiaTam
30-Mar-11 - 12:28 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: On having two first names
Subject: RE: Folklore: On having two first names
I grew up in southeast Virginia (West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana roots) being called Tammy Linn short for Tamara Linn (on my birth certificate). I was the only kid out of 5 to be called by 2 names.   When I hit 30, I killed Tammy Linn and insisted on being called Tamara. When I moved to England I shortened it to Tam, because they don't pronounce it the way I am accustomed to hear it.

I have female cousins Bobbie Dale and Billie Jean. We still call them that.

My mom is Betty Lou, still called that by living siblings unless they are teasing her with "Elizabeth Louise." Her siblings got proper full names James Clyde, Robert Donald, Georgina Ann and Dorothy Lee, though they were called, Jim, Bob, Jo and Dot. Mom was always called Betty Lou as it was recorded on her birth certificate. She hates that she was given a shortened name and yet she still calls me Tammy Linn.