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Posted By: Tattie Bogle
01-Apr-11 - 07:34 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Battle of the Somme
Subject: Lyr Add: THE BANKS OF THE SOMME (from Gaberlunzie)
Here's the Gaberlunzie version (transcribed from their latest CD by me, so hope there are no misheard lyrics).


Stand to on the Somme, brave piper at dawning,
Banish the Bosch and the thundering guns,
Play your lament for the dead and the dying,
Comfort the wounded, reach for the sun.

All there together, all there together,
All there together, father and son,
Young men and old stand united for ever,
Bathed in the blood by the banks of the Somme.

Stand down you brave boys with the ghost of the morning,
Find rest for your wounds in the clear light o' day,
Dream o' your homes – let others take warning,
Love will endure, hate must wither away.


Now it's out o' the trenches o' bloody red water,
Over the top, where your comrades have gone,
So many fine soldiers, needlessly slaughtered,
To glorify war by the banks of the Somme.


And away to the westward, the home fires are burning,
Families are yearning to welcome you home,
Long is their vigil, vain is their waiting
For those who remain by the banks of the Somme.

Chorus x 2