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01-Apr-11 - 10:06 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Eggs and Marrowbone
Subject: RE: Origins: Eggs and Marrowbone
I sing this American version adapted from an old Lomax recording, which he had in turn collected in 1934 from James Baker (aka Iron Head) at Sugarland Prison, Texas. The whole point of the story is the joke- the stupid woman has taken bad advice- neither eggs nor marrowbones will make anyone blind! Battle of the sexes again.

Once I knowed an old lady
Down Tennessee did dwell
She had a lovin' husband
And other mens as well

chorus: Love my darlin' oh
       Love my darlin' oh

2I'm goin' down to the doctor's shop
As fast as I can go
See if I can find something round that place
That'll run my husband blind2

Well she only found two marrow bones
And she made him eat them all
"Well now I'm blind my own dear wife
And I cain't see you at all" (Cho.)

"Honey I would go and drown myself
If I only knew the way"
"Come with me my own dear man
I'm 'fraid you'll run astray" (Cho.)

Well she gets right back for a runnin' start
Gonna shove her ol' man in
Ol' man steps just a little one side
And headlong she goes in (Cho.)

Well she whoops and she hollers
Just as loud as any woman could squall
"I'd help you out my own dear wife
But I cain't see you at all" (Cho.)

Now come all you young hasty women
Whereever you may be
Don't never try to drown your poor ol' man
That's so blind he cannot see. (Cho.)