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Posted By: Giac
05-Oct-00 - 11:33 AM
Thread Name: CatConcert 2: Mbo
Subject: RE: CatConcert 2: Mbo
Hope I can make it in time. Let's see, what to wear, what to wear ...

Okay, black of course. Black pants and a crinkley black blouse with day-glo beads and feathers. A necklace of turquoise chunks, and of course I'll iron my hair, if I can find the iron (that explains the crinkley blouse). The whole covered with liberal amounts of white hair (two white dogs furiously shedding at the moment).

I'll bring a couple of quarts of clear, smooth moonshine from a nearby county (the local stuff's oily rotgut). Last time I mentioned this, nobody'd try it. Humpf! Your loss. If I were in Mbo's area, I'd slide over to an island and get a gallon jug of homemade tomato wine. Looks like ditch water, complete with sludge, but the taste is heaven and it will put you face down pretty quickly.

You go, Mbo, looking forward to it.