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Posted By: RoyH (Burl)
04-Apr-11 - 07:09 AM
Thread Name: Folkweave radio show from the bbc
Subject: RE: Folkweave radio show from the bbc
It's actually 'Bone-Lace Weaver' Years ago (I forget exactly when, and I'm not near enough to my scrapbook to check, but 60's or early 70's) I was researching East Midlands material for a show called 'Voice of the Loom.'I found a poem called 'Bone Lace Weaver' written by a Derbyshire man, Mr Wheatcroft, at the time of the Civil War. It praised the independent spirit of the girls who did the Bone -Lace weaving and seemed just right for the show, but it had no tune. So I made one up, gave it to Muckram Wakes who were my musicians for 'Voice...' It went into the show and also into the gig repertoire of Muckram Wakes, sung by Helen Watson & Suzie Adams. The girls later put it on to their own album, where it was heard by a band who speeded it up a little and used it when playing for dances. Peter Pilbeam heard this and asked me if i'd mind him using it for Folkweave, to which I agreed. There was no copyright on it, but it was typical of the gentlemanly behaviour of Peter that he asked my permission before using it. So, it went out week to week throughout the whole run of Folkweave. I was pleased that the tune was being heard and the song was being sung, even when I heard two women sing it at a South London club I was guest at, who, when I mentioned that I had written the tune told me quite indignantly that 'It was a Helen & Suzie song, everybody knows that.'