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04-Apr-11 - 06:22 PM
Thread Name: Royal Oak/Turkish Man of War/Cpt Mansfield's Fight
Subject: Lyr Add: Captain Mansfield's Fight

1        Our goodly ship was loaded deep with anchors three beneath our bows.
        'Twas east-north-east we steered our course and as near the wind as we could go.

2        We had not sail-ed glasses three nor yet ten leagues from our loading port
        before we spied ten Turkish men-o-war and after us they did resort.

3        "Oh hail oh hail you English dogs, oh hail and strike you sails quickly,
        for you shall go with us this night, and ever after into slavery."

4        Oh then bespoke our captain bold, and a well-bespoken man was he,
        "If you must have my topsails down, come aboard and strike them down for me."

5        To the top, to the top my little cabin-boy, to the main topmast head so high
        and spread abroad St George's flag, for under that we live or die."

6        So to it we went like lions bold as enemies do when they meet;
        we fought from twelve to sun rising and spared not one sail of their fleet.

7        Oh three we burned and three we sunk and the other three they ran away,
        and one we brought to Old England to show that we had won the day.

8        All you that know our gallant ship and want to know our captain's name,
        it is Captain Mansfield of Bristol Town, and the Marigold, a ship of fame.