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Posted By: WFDU - Ron Olesko
05-Apr-11 - 07:55 PM
Thread Name: a song called 'My Name is Martin Gibson'
Subject: RE: a song called 'My Name is Martin Gibson'
"One way to MAKE the place interesting is to pop in and say something interesting from YOUR point of view"


"Sorry Ron, we'll try and be more interesting. But you've heard British folk music. It is very boring indeed. We lead lives away from the great plains and the frozen tundra - our idea of excitement is if theres a new brand of chocolate digestive biscuit to have with our tea, which we generally drink very weak - to avoid excitement. "

Do I detect sarcasm?

I did not say that there is anything wrong with the UK, their music, or their discussions. I hope the music that I share on my radio show reflects the profound respect I have for the tradition. I just have very little interest in reading about upcoming sessions in local UK pubs or "inside" discussions that have interest among "other" folkies. I'm glad this forum works for many people, but the interest that existed 10 years ago seems to have faded among people here in the U.S. who loved Mudcat. Sure, the regulars are still here, but it seems that widespread discussions on topics related to U.S. interests have disappeared. Nothing wrong with the discussions that do take place, but there seems to be little of interest to others.

I hope I'm proved wrong.