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06-Apr-11 - 05:08 AM
Thread Name: a song called 'My Name is Martin Gibson'
Subject: RE: a song called 'My Name is Martin Gibson'
Well I must confess to having a few laughs at some of the more ridiculous arguments that could ensue following a Martin Gibson pronouncement.
Similarly with other, more recent trollers. It's the desperate need to have the last word on the matter, which is manna from heaven for the baiter and is clearly getting between the poster and his/her wits, which I find funny.
I know I shouldn't, because it's clear that people are in the process of being hurt/offended/irate/etc, but reading whole threads in a dis-passioned way and watching them degrade into playground slanging matches between otherwise intelligent people never ceases to surprise and amuse.
Martin Gibson never bothered me, but then I never got into a fight with him.