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Posted By: Richard Bridge
06-Apr-11 - 05:35 AM
Thread Name: a song called 'My Name is Martin Gibson'
Subject: RE: a song called 'My Name is Martin Gibson'
Well, no C-Flat, it isn't. There used to be and there maybe still are some crap Yamahas but Gobson's racial prejudice theory of guitar quality was not even mildly amusing - and I expect Al's isn't.

Regrettably, I fear that Al is serious in his view that English folk music is boring. He and I have fallen out over this before and will probably do so again. It is only boring if poorly delivered or if the listener is too stupid to contemplate anything but sound-bites, and the nature of folk music (if correctly understood) allows almost endless variations of editing, collation, and arrangement which ought (if well done) to keep anyone who appreciates music quite sufficiently stimulated.