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Posted By: MGM·Lion
08-Apr-11 - 11:36 PM
Thread Name: a song called 'My Name is Martin Gibson'
Subject: RE: a song called 'My Name is Martin Gibson'
3 observations of one who has come late-ish to this thread ~~

1. Peter Bellamy used to write features for Folk Review back in the 70s under name of Martin Gibson; so whoever this was you are all on about* was not the first to have the bright idea of combining the names of two of the best-known guitar-makers to provide a pseudonym ~

2.~*~ and whom I regret having joined Mudcat too late to have experienced the clearly somewhat controversial contributions of.

3. Al's above story of his dad on the artist's 'childish daubs' reminds me, quite mnemonically and driftily so please excuse, of the woman who said "Why, Monsieur Picasso, my 4-year-old daughter can draw just like you!"; to which Picasso replied, "What a clever child. Why, when I was her age I could only draw like Raphael."