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09-Apr-11 - 10:21 PM
Thread Name: info Lumi sticks
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Global Simultaneous Serendipity.

At the local Buddhists Community meal and forum yesterday, they did not have the usual 'discussion' - they had Philippine guests, who brought their sticks, and danced.

You do realize there are several theatrical tricks... the 'demo' of putting one foot in first will not help you learn, as you get your weight distribution all wrong for the 'dance'.

Try walking around to a six count. You get two 'waltz steps' in sequence, one for each leading foot. This is the best preparation for the dance step. The show s a pieces written in 6/8 time.

The only trick is deciding what you count want to use as the 'base for the rhythm - you can either start on the sweep together click or the first outward move tap as the 1 count. i don;t know which way the 'natives' do it ... ;-)