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Posted By: Jim Dixon
11-Apr-11 - 10:03 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: Reenlistment Blues (Merle Travis)
Subject: Lyr Add: RE-ENLISTMENT BLUES (Merle Travis)
This complete song can be heard at YouTube:

As recorded by Merle Travis

1. My hitch was up Monday. I ain't a dog soldier no more.
I ain't a soldier no more.
They gi' me all that money, so much my pockets was sore.
My pockets was sore.
More dough than I can use.
Re-enlistment blues.

2. Took my dough to town Tuesday, found me a big feather bed,
Found a big double bed.
I will find a job tomorrow. Tonight I'll sleep like I'm dead.
Gonna sleep like I'm dead,
And get up when I choose.
Re-enlistment blues.

3. Well, I hit the bars Wednesday, made me some friends on my own,
Lot o' friends on my own.
Found a pretty baby. She wouldn't leave me alone,
Wouldn't leave me alone.
She kept me buyin' booze,
Re-enlistment blues.


4. Went back around Thursday, asked for a free glass o' beer.
I said, "Gi' me one little beer."
But that gal forgot to know me. She just said, "No credit here.
No credit here."
Did I give her a bruise?
Re-enlistment blues.

5. That jail was cold Saturday, just like the people in town,
All the people in town.
They ain't got time to know ye, just time to pull you way down.
They'll pull you way down.
Just one thing left to choose:
Re-enlistment blues.

6. Short-timers, let me tell ye: don't you get throwed in the can.
Don't get throwed in the can.
You might as well be dead, or be a thirty-year man,
Be a thirty-year man.
They always seem to lose
Re-enlistment blues.

Recruitin' crews gi' me the blues,
Re-enlistment blues.

YouTube also has two scenes from the film "From Here to Eternity"

This scene, in a barracks, has only the first verse, as above.

This outdoor scene has verses 2-3 as above, plus this different "Thursday" verse:

I had the mizzes(?*) Thursday. The walls was movin' I swear.
They's movin' I swear.
I reached down in my trousers, an' all my pockets was bare.
That gal was sure bad news.
Re-enlistment blues.

* I assume this is short for "miseries," i.e. a hangover.