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Posted By: johncharles
13-Apr-11 - 06:45 AM
Thread Name: Punch out your own plectrums/plectra
Subject: RE: Punch out your own plectrums/plectra
First attested in English early 17th century, the word "plectrum" is the romanization of the Greek "πλῆκτρον" (plēktron), "anything to strike with, an instrument for striking the lyre, a spear point"[3] which comes from the verb "πλήττω" (plēttō), the Attic Greek form of "πλήσσω" (plēssō), "to hit, to strike, to smite, to sting".[4]

"Plectrum" has both a Latin-based plural, plectra (from Greek plural "πλήκτρα" - plēktra) and a native English plural, plectrums
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