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Posted By: GUEST,Michael
14-Apr-11 - 04:33 AM
Thread Name: Lip-synching: Art or Rip-off?
Subject: RE: Lip-synching: Art or Rip-off?
They lip-sync. In every concert of theirs I've ever seen, they are pretending to sing, but are clearly not singing.

Some people aren't very perceptive and will be taken in by the fact that they are very well-rehearsed, and manage to get close to the timing. But they are most certainly not singing - at all. They aren't making a sound.

When it is billed as a live concert - which all of the Celtic Women concerts are - this is extremely dishonest. many people go to concerts precisely because they want to hear the imperfect, raw sound of the artist, rather than the flawless, polished, double and triple-layered performance of video clips and CDs.

Celtic Woman are frauds. Liars and frauds. One imagines that to stage such an elaborate fraud - instead of just SING - they must sound really quite atrocious together.