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Posted By: Cuilionn
25-Jun-98 - 01:17 AM
Thread Name: Tree songs? esp. Celtic?
Subject: Tree songs? esp. Celtic?
Mo cairdean/ Folks & Friends,

'Tis th' indecipherable lass wrichtin' tae ye agin, sae luik weel an' wricht back if ye care tae oblige me! I've been sairchin' mony's th' lang day for songs whae mention trees, an' I'm beggin' for a wee bit o' help. Can ye Mudcatters help me tae gaither up lyrics o' Tree Songs in Braid Scots, Scots Gaelic, Irish, or English? Richt noo I anely twa o' them, sic as:

Craobh Nan Ubhal (Apple Tree) Rowan Tree

There mun be a hantle o' ithers oot there, an' I want tae be at th' lairnin' o' them! I'd prefer tae limit th' harvest tae traditional or present-day folk songs whae rise oot o' th' Celtic tradition, but if ye hae ane or twa guid American anes that'd be alricht. Please list full lyrics if ye can, particularly for th' Gaelic anes!

Tapadh leibh/ Muckle Thanks,