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15-Apr-11 - 02:44 AM
Thread Name: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 15-04-2011

Sorry about the podcast for last week. I am told it was definitely recorded and the problem lies at one of our suppliers. There seemed little point in putting up the playlist - but if you are interested then by all means get in touch.

Anyway, lets hope things go better this week.

Sharon Shannon.Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Pete Coe/Byker Hill/Backbone
Chris Coe/Poacher's Song/A Wiser Fool
New Victory Band/Speed the Plough Set/One More Dance and Then
Pete Coe/We'll Have a May Day/Long Company
Chris Coe/Peeler Creek Waltz/A Wiser Fool
Pete Coe/PR Man From Hell/Long Company
Pete Coe/Kings and Queens of England/Long Company
Bartram Bookes Weatherall/Campanero/New Midsummer's Day
Bartram Bookes Weatherall/Pilot/San Sebastian/New Midsummer's Day
Bailey Sisters/Navigator/After Silence Music
Aly Bain+Phil Cunningham/Mrs. Jameson's Favourite        Portrait
Tannahill Weavers/Gallant Shearers/Alchemy
Uiscedwr/Girlyjig/Fish Cat Door
Dazkarieh        Legua de Paova/Ruido do Silencio

Second Half

Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain/Munster Buttermilk Set/Portrait
Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Collection
Chris Coe and Annie Dearman/Bonny Boy/Demo
Dana and Susan Robinson/Canoe Club Waltz/Round My Door
Kathryn Roberts+Sean Lakeman/Rule and Bant/2
Crucible/Bobbing Around Set/Crux
Martin Byrne/Lucy Campbell Set/Paddy in the Smoke
Jim Interview                
Dempsey and Broughton        /So Long/Every Other Word
Bodega/The Stomping Ground/Under the Counter
New Victory Band/Mamie May/One More Dance and Then
Simon Mayor Quintet/Apanhei-te/Mandolinquents
May Monday/Ensuite Barn/Midnight

And if you have been thanks for listening.