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Posted By: MorwenEdhelwen1
18-Apr-11 - 09:19 AM
Thread Name: Origins:Matilda [Mathilda](King Radio/Norman Span)
Subject: RE: Origins:Matilda [Mathilda](King Radio/Norman Span)
Diverting from my original question of how to find out the story of this song, the other thing which always puzzled me about it was how the narrator knew where she had gone in the first place. People who are secretly leaving their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives (and something about this song makes me think it was secret- I think it's the "numbed" nature of the delivery in the 1938 rendition, as if the narrator still can't quite believe it has happened) do not usually leave any indication of where they are going. Therefore, how does the narrator know for sure that she went to Venezuela? She could have gone to Tobago or Barbados, another island. I believe it was a guess at where she could've gone. Does anyone else agree with me?