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19-Apr-11 - 03:32 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sam got a job on the railroad
Subject: Sambo!
Sambo had an uncle, an uncle very rich
One day he said to Sambo, I'll give you two and six
Sambo feeling thirsty went into a shop.
Ten lemonades and ten ginger beers and Sambo went off pop!


More work for the undertaker
Another little job for the tombstone maker.
Off to the local cemetery
On his tombstone you will see
Sambo, that's me.

Sambo had an aunty, an aunty very poor.
One day she said to Sambo, I'll make you scrub that floor.
Sambo didn't want to and went upstairs to bed
He tried to climb the banister and fell down on his head

Bang! + chorus

Sambo went to the gas-works with neither hat nor coat
He tried to grease the railway line with a bar of sunlight soap.
Along came a run-away engine and knocked poor Sambo down
And would you believe he rolled up his sleeves
And knocked that engine down.

Bang! + chorus