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Posted By: Alan Day
19-Apr-11 - 03:45 AM
Thread Name: Folk Performers Association
Subject: RE: Folk Performers Association
Well Alan you seem to have gone off at a tangent here and of course I remember those days as well as you. I did not enjoy and I still do not enjoy more chat than music, in fact my sing arounds do not contain any
chat at all, just music, singing and poetry (if a poet turns up ), no introductions at all.
There were a few very good comedians/Folk artists and a hell of a lot of second rate clones, what finished me off was going to a Folk Club on two separate nights, in two different places and seeing the identical act, word for word, joke for joke and songs performed by two different artists. One of which must have recorded the other and learnt the lot.

There is a lot that can be done for all artists now on the Internet, links to their Websites,New CD releases, events, Folk Club listing with links. All available now and spread around friend on Facebook etc.
Perhaps an initial dedicated page on Facebook may be a starting point. These things only work however if people are enthusiastic and join in.I see no reason why anyone should have to pay to join.