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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
19-Apr-11 - 01:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: A game of thrones 2011
Subject: RE: BS: A game of thrones
I must say I quite enjoyed the books but they were hard going at times. Which is why, I suppose, in the lazy side of my brain, I'm looking forward to seeing the first episode. I was at the folk club last night but it is recorded and, hopefuly, I'll get to see it later.

Funnily enough, although they are obviously set in a fantasy environment, I never felt that fantasy was the key feature. The politcal intrigues and goings on in the struggle for power were, to my mind, far more prevalent. I also found that the character development, well, of the ones he doesn't kill off in odd twists, was pretty good. But then again - in so many pages I wouldn't expect much else!

I haven't read the ones you mention, Shimrod, but I will keep my eyes open. Once I get to the end of the list I have left over from Christmas and birthdays. I don't know if you class David Gemmel as one of the 'pulp' writers but I must say I found his books very good - Probably more so the historical/mythical, such as the Troy series, than the pure fantasy. But I do find his characters in the fantasy genre some of the best anywhere. Well, maybe excluding Terry Pratchett but I guess a different ball park, as our American cousins would say, would be the right phrase there.

Anyroads - The sooner I get to the gym (sorry, can't help myself at times) the sooner I get back to see GOT.