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Posted By: treewind
22-Apr-11 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Zoom H1 with Audacity
Subject: RE: Tech: Zoom H1 with Audacity
Bit rate is a misleading term for WAV files.
WAV files have a bit depth (16 or 24 usually) and a sampling rate (44.1k, 48k or 96k usually). CDs are 16bit and 44.1kHz.

MP3s have a bit rate.
64k is for mono speech only.
128k is about the standard of cassette tape
192k is indistinguishable from CD quality for most people.
They go up to 320k, which is still only 1/3 the size of the equivalent CD quality WAV file.

I'd suggest recording 26/44.1 WAV on your Zoom, then converting to different MP3 bit rates, listening to the result and looking at the file sizes and making a decision based on what you see and hear.

I usually upload MP3s to the net at 160k.