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Posted By: GUEST, Tom Bliss
23-Apr-11 - 07:19 AM
Thread Name: Folk Performers Association
Subject: RE: Folk Performers Association
A good start, Alan, but I for one won't be able to join up. I do have a facebook page, but it's switched off because I can't be bothered to work out how to delete it (and occasionally have to swtich on in order to contact someone). I couldn't stand the thing on bit. I think you'll find a lot of musicians are the same. You might want to do a MySpace as well, though I'll be stopping mine at some point, for the same reason, and I think a lot of folk performers are doing the same.

So if you don't get a lot of response vie FaceBook, don't assume that no-one's interested - though of course they may not be!

It might be good to have a place that people can join without having to sign up for all the tittle-tatle, prattling, flirting and brass-necked promotion that, for many, makes social networking sites a no go zone.