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Posted By: Doctor John
07-Oct-00 - 05:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Prisoner (tv series)
Subject: RE: BS: The Prisoner
Was Number 6 John Drake or not? It started off as that I think but the idea was never continued: see the Prisoner website for more information, where it gives a mistaken reference from Number 2. Carol mentioned the Avengers which was the best of many of that ilk; but the Prisoner was very different. When it started I thought "here we go again":- British agent captured by nasty Eastern Block types, there's bound to be a car chase, probably through empty warehouse, followed by fist fight Boil and Dodie stuff...nasty Bond villain with silly accent gets comeupance. But this was very different. You know what it's about but can't quite put it into words. Be seeing you, Dr John