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Posted By: Desert Dancer
26-Apr-11 - 09:27 PM
Thread Name: Civil War & military metaphor in hymns
Subject: Civil War & military metaphor in hymns
From a commentor ("crankyotter") on a blog post concerning the civil war at

"If you read/sing through church hymnals, the time of the civil war was when the vast majority of christian music abruptly demilitarized. There's still some 'Onward Christian Soldiers' type tunes hanging around and the santas still work for the 'Salvation Army', but a large amount of pro-war language went out of the American religious texts and hymns because of the horrors of the civil war. "

Mudcat hymnal experts: is this something that you have noticed? Or do you know of any documentation to the effect? Anyone got a pre- and post-CW hymnals to compare?

Struck me as an interesting observation. Worthy of someone's dissertation analysis, if it's not already been done.

(As an aside, I really appreciate it when there are interesting conversations in the online comments to articles or blogs. There are so many more places where the comments are not much more than mindless political knee-jerking.)

~ Becky in Long Beach