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Posted By: Steve Gardham
28-Apr-11 - 06:16 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Three Score and Ten
Subject: RE: Origins: Three Score and Ten
The only versions in SOTR are the Pearson version from The Filey Fishermen's Choir which is almost the same as The Oxford book of Sea Songs version which is not surprising as they are from the same source. And the broadside already given above. There is an actual photo of the broadside.

Unfortunately the two gentlemen who Nigel paid enormous sums to to transcribe the songs were to put it kindly, less than competent, when it came to the texts. We are currently working on a new edition much more carefully transcribed. I would say Roy probably transcribed his version more accurately from the commercial recordings made by the Hudlestons at the time in the 60s, an LP, and an EP of the original singers put out in limited numbers and I think sold or given away by themselves.

Here follow the differences
Roy has 'longed' in the last line of the chorus and SOTR has 'long'.
As soon as I get chance I'll have a listen to the EP I've got and see what I make of it, if it could be 'long did' for instance.

Verse 1 ends with the word 'wave' in Roy's version and in SOTR it's 'waves'.

Verse 2 where Roy has 'nets' SOTR has 'net', and 'flow' becomes 'blowing' in SOTR.

Verse 3, line 1 Roy gives, 'night was' and SOTR has 'night left'
Also in this verse wherever it says 'There was' in SOTR the tense changes to 'There's'.

There are one or two silly typos I've ignored.

Any differences between the Pearson text and those well sung on the folk scene I would put down mainly to Mike Waterson who quite rightly IMO adapts to suit himself.

I've got the Oxford book but not 'Boxing TC'. I can't think why he would have changed it from one book to the other, but it's possible. If anyone has 'BTC' they can compare it with the Oxford text given above on 1st Nov 04.