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30-Apr-11 - 11:58 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Old Maid and the Burglar
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: the Old Maid and the Burglar
my dad sang a very similar sang, called The Burglar Beau.

I'll sing you a song of a burglar beau who came to rob a house,
He opened a window and then crept in as sly as a mouse.
He looked around for a place to hide when the people were all asleep,
And then said he with harmony, I'll take my gentle sneak.

So up-under the bed the burglar crept, he lay up close to the wall,
He did not know t'was the old maids' room, or he wouldn't have gone there at all.
He was thinking about the time he'd have, while under the bed he lay,
The clock stuck nine, he saw a sign, that turned his whiskers gray.

At nine o'clock the old maid came in, "Oh dear, how tired", she said.
She thought everything was alright, that night, but she never looked under the bed.
She took out her teeth, and her big glass eye, and the hair from off her head...
And the burglar he had seventeen fits, when he looked from under the bed.

From under the bed the burglar crept, he looked a total wreck,
And then the old maid, who was wide awake, had grabbed him around the neck.
She did not holler, or scream at all. She was just as cool as a clam.
"Thank heavens!", she said, "My prayers have been heard, and at last I have found me a man."

She drew a gun from her bureau drawer, unto this buglars' head...
"Promise to marry me now young man, or I'll blow of the top of your head."
The burglar, he looked around in alarm, and he saw no place to scoot...
He looked at her teeth and her big glass eye and he said, "For God's sake, shoot."