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Posted By: Edthefolkie
30-Apr-11 - 05:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Padstow Obby Hoss
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Padstow Obby Hoss
Here's the words from the Blue Ribbon Oss website. It's the verse which starts "Oh where is Saint George"

The chap with the stick (club) is the Teazer. He/she dances with the Oss, and when it "dies" he/she touches the Oss and it comes back to life. It's magic you see.

The people with red sashes are the Old Oss team - this is the original team. The Blue sashed people are the Blue Ribbon Oss team. Started I believe some time before World War 1 as a "temperance" side (not any more...), became the "Peace Oss" after WW1. Now known as the Blue Ribbon Oss. The two Osses meet round the maypole a couple of times during the day. There is at least one children's Oss too, a smaller version.

"Oss Oss Wee Oss" I suppose is an encouraging shout, also alleged to imitate a horse whinny! There are other encouragements such as "Keep 'er gain!" It's blooming hard work carrying the Oss, and a few beers may be consumed which make it even harder.

There is loads of info about May Day on the Web, but it is a must to see at least once in your life. Go with respect though - remember that it's the people of Padstow's day above everything else. Wish I was going - is it Sunday or Monday this year?