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Posted By: Alan Day
02-May-11 - 06:04 PM
Thread Name: Folk Performers Association
Subject: RE: Folk Performers Association
Well at the moment the format of the site is as follows.
All postings are sent to me by Facebook so I get a daily check on what is being posted. We have had no nasties at the moment with about 60 visitors who click on "Like" to join. Their Facebook picture or avatar comes up at the same time.
They are free to post the following

Their New CD releases accompanied by related You tube link music if there is one.Links to their site
Folk Club Weekly (ideally) updated Programmes
New Publication releases with links to their Website.
Folk Festival information (deleted after the Festival)
Their Photos and Links to their site. (remember that all Facebook members are linked and can communicate with each other independently of the site page.
Links to Area Folk Websites.
Free to comment on articles submitted to the site.

Current ones running - Taxation discussion for Folk Professionals and ones recieving a Tax Assessments (what to do)
Accounts introduction.
I am hoping others will start other interesting topics, helpful to their fellow members.

No Youtube Videos are allowed only because it takes up too much space on the page. It needs to be easily updated on a regular basis to make it worthwhile.
Please remember that this is a new site so it takes time to get things moving but many are taking advantage of the Facebook page
Clive Williams Melodeon. net is my right hand man and I hope to get others on board to assist. This is not going to be a one man band but hopefully run by everyone for the advantage of each other. If EFDSS want to get involved I have no intention of getting in their way, or starting a rival to them (far from it).
I am getting no critical feedback at the moment, it is a pleasant and helpful site and long may it continue to be.
Desi C I hope this answers most of your questions, if not PM me and I will be pleased to discuss it.

Please note the site is Public so please do not divulge any information that may be sensitive.