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Posted By: Little Hawk
05-May-11 - 05:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Chongo: Self-promoter & hatemonger?
Subject: BS: Chongo: Self-promoter & hatemonger?
Democrats and Republicans both have stepped up their character attacks on APP candidate for president Chongo Chimp in recent days, indicating clearly that they are quite concerned about the threat Chongo can pose to their separate ambitions in 2012.

Well-known Democratic mouthpiece Solomon Goldstein says:

"Given many of the outrageous things he (Chongo) has done, he can only be considered a serious candidate by the most cynical or uninformed. He is first, last, and always only a self-promoter. Nevertheless, his repeating of the ridiculous and long-discredited "specism" canard is nothing less than hate-mongering. He is cynically playing the species card in an attempt to divide and conquer America."

Republicans, meanwhile, are focusing their main attacks on the fact that Chongo was not born in the USA and is not a Christian. To quote Republican enfante terrible Joanne Gilchrist:

"No one in this country can abide the idea of an openly pagan and Unamerican ape occupying the White House. It's unthinkable. Disgusting! It's even worse than Obama...and you know how hard it is for me to say that."


The promoters of the idea that because Chongo was not born in the USA, he must lack American values have in truth just never accepted the reality of a non-human president. The root of such talk, if you "look under the hood" is patently specist. And all it does is bring down the level of discourse and distract us from the real issues.

Specism is THE ugly underbelly of the movement to deny Chongo his rightful place in history. Scratch a Democrat or a Republican and you know what you will find just under the surface? A specist, that's what. Oh, they pretend to believe in democracy, but what they'd really like to do with apes and monkeys is lock them up in filthy cages, throw them a peanut now and then, and condemn them to a life of incarceration, embarrassment, medical experimentation, and bit parts in extremely bad movies, starring opposite extremely bad human actors.

A vote for Chongo is a vote for freedom and equality! Remember that in 2012.