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Posted By: Ed T
07-May-11 - 07:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Canuck Politics
Subject: RE: BS: Canuck Politics
"Prediction is very hard, especially about the future." - Yogi Berra

It is interesting to note that polls of voter preference up to the final weeks, aside from the CPC prairies, did not indicate that voters would vote in the way they did, not for any party. In fact, the liberal party, and the Bloc were not doing all that bad throuighout the election, (as a Conservative minority was predicted in most polls for much of the election period). Liberals seemed to be gaining momentium, as the NDP support fell.

Reasons for the last minute shift to the NDP, that caused much of the split votes in Ontario that gave many seats to the Conservatives are still a matter of speculation. No doubt Iggy was a factor, as he had an up hill battle from years of pre election negative advertising. (I suspect one valid reason may be that many voters made a voting shiftfrom the liberals, responding to changes that were happening in latter weeks in Quebec).

As we saw in the final weeks of the election, things can change alot in a short time. IMO, Yogi's quote was true for the period before the final vote, and hold true for predicting the future of the Liberal party (and other parties) in Canada.