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Posted By: Little Hawk
09-May-11 - 01:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Canuck Politics
Subject: RE: BS: Canuck Politics
Richard - The deep antipathy toward intellectuals ("the resentment of greater intelligence") that is so notable in the American electorate has never been typical of the Canadian electorate. We frequently elect men who come off as intellectuals, and it's no detriment to a Canadian politician's career to be seen that way. This is not a country dominated by the "Joe Six-Pack" mentality. Yes, Albertans like electing a "cowboy" type of personality...but Albertans are a rather small minority in this nation.

Steven Harper (the Conservative leader just elected again) does not give the impression of being stupid nor is he inarticulate. Sneaky? Yes. Ruthless? Yes. Pig-headed? Yes. But definitely not stupid or inarticulate. He may resemble Reagan or Bush in his political philosophy...but he does not resemble them much at all on a personal level. He gives the impression of being a clever city lawyer type in a well-tailored suit...not a guy who lives on a ranch and rides horses and gets his hands dirty.

Ignatief wasn't the kind of guy who gets elected easily, though. He didn't have any visible charisma, his "Canadian" credentials were easily questioned because he'd been living in the USA for quite some time, and it wasn't the right time for either him or his party to do well at the polls.


Doug - Canadians rejected Ignatieff partly because he was seen as "too American"...possibly an agent for American Big Business interests! ;-D What does that do for your theory about them having "woken up"?

For the Liberal Party of Canada to have won this last election was pretty much inconceivable, because they've been in confusion for some time and have really lost their way and have repeatedly failed to come up with a credible leader. The NDP (socialists) took most of their votes this time, because the public has pretty much given up on the Liberals...and Jack Layton (NDP) ran a very good campaign.

About 60% of the voters went to the polls. About 40% of those voted for the Conservatives...who now have a majority, because the other 60% of those voting split their votes between 4 other parties! Anyway, multiply the 60% who voted by the 40% who voted Conservative, Doug. That comes to 24% of the voting public.

That means that 24% of the eligible voters in this country somehow elected a Conservative majority government! Now multiply 60% by 60%. It equals 36% (the number of eligible voters who did not want a Conservative government.

100% of the voters are now ruled over by a Conservative Party that only 24% of them favor, 36% of them oppose, and the remaining 40% are so apathetic or fed up that they don't even vote!!!!!!!!!!

That's not a democracy, Doug. It doesn't mean the Canadian public has "woken up". It more like means they are giving up in despair or disgust....because this electoral system just doesn't work, and we know that it doesn't work. It cannot produce a result that is in accord with what the majority of people here desire.

And you clearly do not understand what's going on here at all. It is not like your 2 party system in the USA.