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Posted By: gnu
09-May-11 - 06:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Canuck Politics
Subject: RE: BS: Canuck Politics
LH.... "and I doubt that the American public would go for him much if he ran down there...assuming he was an American. He's not the type they tend to go for."

Odd statement. I think the Yanks vote with as much intelligence as any other country. They just voted in a scholar. As for Bush, they voted that cowboy in because he is a cowboy and that is what they wanted. They didn't want Al Gore... they wanted somebody to kick ass. Even though that's up in the air, so to speak, they voted him in the second time and that certainly was "cowboy" type shit. Of course, the "don't change horses in the middle of the stream" could have been a factor.

In any case, I think the next two years could be rocky.

Q... as far as embracing the "hard-working good old boys of the Prairies to support what is productive in Canada", I do not see why that is any different than what goes on every day and has gone on in past generations while also using the wealth generated to benefit all Canucks instead of just the wealthy. If it's gonna end up being dog eat dog, ya better buy a BIG dog fer when ya go for a walk at night or some poor mongrel might prey on ya... poverty breeds crime.