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Posted By: Tradsinger
11-May-11 - 06:11 AM
Thread Name: Padstow May Song query
Subject: RE: Padstow May Song query
Hello Doc and thanks for your reply from the front line.

I think on the notes we are talking at cross purposes. All the versions of the song that I have heard (and I have cross-checked this on YouTube etc), are in G, so that the notes for that first phrase 'Unite and unite and let us all unite' would be D D E F# G A G G G F# E, or in Charlie's version, the last note would be a G not an E. I suspect that you are thinking of the tune in C rather than G.

Here's what Charlie said at his talk at Wadebridge in 1975, which I have just transcribed from my tape recording "That's the reason when the 2 Obby Osses get together, you'll understand why we have the jangles, because the other boys [blue ribbon] go right from one verse into the other so that when the 2 bands get together ... (pause for laughter from audience). Now, I'm not saying we're right and I'm not saying they're wrong but this is it."

And he illustrated this with his accordeon. I suspect this distinction has now been lost. Views?