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15-May-11 - 03:30 PM
Thread Name: Copperhead Road - explanation of line
Subject: RE: Copperhead Road - explanation of line
You are correct, shot a coat of primer is just covering up the Johnson's County Sheriff logo on the door of the car. Primer is a base coat that goes on prior to laying the actual color coat. It is used as a sanding coat to smooth out the imperfections before the shiny goes on. It is cheap, flat in color, and easy to spray on. Looking inside is seeing what is under the hood to see what you have to work with from a power perspective. Steve Earle and I are both within a few years of the sane age. Law enforcement agencies in the late 50's and 60's used Dodge and Plymouth cars because they were so big and powerful. They even spent their own money on their patrol cars to try and get them to the point so they could keep up with the ne'er do wells. I was one of the the ne'er do wells. I did not haul liquor, but I have raced and outran many of them. My grandfather did not make it, but he gave others free ride on his property to make it. He had good land, plenty of natural springs, and plenty of natural cover. He even had corn to sell if the time and price was right.

I am replying to a string that is about four years old. I just ran across something that interested me. I hope someone sees it.