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Posted By: JohnInKansas
16-May-11 - 12:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is it snowing where you live?
Subject: RE: BS: Is it snowing where you live?
No snow in my area recently.

Last Monday afternoon it hit 100F (38C) in town, about 30F above the "seasonal norm." The following Thursday morning it was 33 F (0.6C) - almost 30F below normal. A few towns about 100 miles (160 km?) west (still in the state) were below freezing for a couple of nights with "light rain" - probably frozen pellets rather than droplets, but for the most part no place remotely close to the south and/or west has had enough precipitation of any kind to beat down the threat (and some places the actuality) of the range fires.

Our friends in the Texas Panhandle (about 180 miles away) say they are watering their cows with a teasoon (3 spoons per cow per day?) due to the 6 months of drought. But 160 miles straight east of them they've had some minor flooding, with only a half dozen of those annoying tornados.

Locally, the weather has been "unremarkable" but I'm wearing out the switch on the thermostat flipping it between heating a bit at night and cooling a little in the afternoon. (We're too old to stand those wide swings.)