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Posted By: MorwenEdhelwen1
19-May-11 - 01:43 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Small Island
Subject: RE: Origins: Small Island
Since the stereotype of a pimp as physically violent is so prevalent in popular culture- I guess a man who wasn't physically violent would count as treating women well? I somehow really doubt (if he was a pimp) Invader was physically violent, even if he could be hurtful with his language/ insults, which is bad, but bad in a different way- there's a cover of his version of "Brownskin girl" performed by the Mighty Terror on YouTube.
"Girl you can't fool me like that, tell me how a monkey can make a cat! You made an error to be in love with that Yankee feller".
If I was writing historical fiction about him (which I may well do when I have the time), I would take this personality characteristic into account.