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21-May-11 - 05:13 AM
Thread Name: Charity Folk Day U K
Subject: RE: Charity Folk Day U K
It's today, and the whole day looks wonderful! Do come along and join the fun if you can. Website link earlier in the thread. Here's the programme:

3:00 PM - Steve Donnelly
A folk performer since the 70's who's even been played on Mike Harding's show on Radio 2, Steve invites you to come along and join in the choruses.

3:30 PM - Mad Sea Dog
Folk quartet with a selection of instruments which may include fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bodhran, accordian, autoharp, etc., etc.

4:00 PM - The LBM Band
Leonora, Bartholomew and Macademus are not the names of this trio of troubadours, but that doesn't mean they're not worth hearing!

4:30 PM - Doug Brown and Pam Hibbert
Doug has long been a part of the folk music world (when he wasn't morris dancing). He's a powerful singer and musician with mellodion, guitar, and maybe even a fiddle. Pam joins him in instrumental duets or may even accompany his singng with her concertina.

5:00 PM - Suzi Zeffert & Tim Francis
Suzi usually performs as half of the duo Rosa's Daughters in clubs throughout the country, but since her usual partner can't make the festival, accomplished singer/songwriter and guitarist Tim has agreed to provide her backing.

5:30 PM - John Tanner
John often sings and plays in folk clubs in the area and is happy to come along and perform for us at the festival. He tends to perform songs from the last half century rather than traditional songs and you may well recognise songs you thought you'd forgotten or perhaps be surprised by songs you never heard.

6:00 PM - Quality Street
A popular folk trio established some years ago, they have guested in several clubs in the area over the last few months, despite now living a couple of hundred miles apart. Clever harmonies and a high standard of guitar-playing make this a trio not to be missed.

6:30 PM - Open session led by Geoff Chapman
Come all ye and play along. Geoff runs the popular sessions in The Royal Marine in Lyne and has agreed to lead our sessions at the festival. A good opportunity for musicians to test their mettle or just enjoy jamming with other musicians and singers and of course, non-performers can enjoy just listening in or joining in with choruses.

7:30 PM - Double Jeopardy
Paddy & Rodney have been playing and singing for some time (though there's no truth in the rumour that either played at George V's silver jubilee) and have even acted together in the same pantomime (or at least read their scripts in Anchor Folk's Christmas nuttiness), but it's only comparatively recently that they've been performing together as Double Jeopardy.

8:00 PM - Hilary Ward
Hilary has enchanted audiences at numerous clubs and festivals with traditional ballads that have a story to tell and sometimes a chorus to join in.

8:30 PM - Terry Silver
Terry had a great stroke of luck early in his career when Noah invited him onto the ark to cheer them up during the flood and he's been playing professionally ever since. Terry plays a range of instruments and seldom appears anywhere with only one of them. With songs ancient and modern and quite often comedic, he's a true entertainer.

9:00 PM - Sarah Cudmore
Sarah has been on the scene for some time, though more often restricts herself to floorspots than guest appearances. However, she has a fine voice and a wide-ranging repertoire which on occasion even includes songs in Spanish, and when she feels a song needs it, accompanies herself on a guitar.

9:30 PM - Paula Tait
Paula is an acomplished harpist, but was unknown to us despite having appeared on BBC1 and having played in venues in Britain, Ireland and Australia. On St. David's day this year, she appeared out of the blue at Bracknell Folk Club to both play and sing and we thought all our birthdays had come at once! Luckily for us, she's able to perform at our festival.

10:00 PM - Tony Carling and the Rhythm Bitches
Tony is a singer/songwriter guaranteed to entertain and more often than not, amuse. If you know him, you won't want to miss it, if you don't, try to imagine Andy Parsons sings Bernard Cribbins and you might get an inkling. With his bassist and percussionist to keep him company, the act is complete.

10:30 PM - Open session led by Geoff Chapman
Come all ye and play along. Still awake after all this time (see earlier session), Geoff will host our second session of the festival