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Posted By: BrendanD
10-Oct-00 - 07:52 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Out on the Rolling Sea (Joseph Spence)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: joseph spence - on a rolling sea

I'm the 'guest' that started this thread. The recording I have is on the 'Happy all the time' cd. Spence is recorded on his front porch accompanied occasionally by his wife, from their kitchen.

I've searched high and low for the lyrics to this song because on this recording the words are almost completely unintelligible, more so than usual for Spence. As are viewer once said it sound like he's trying to eat his guitar.

The principal lyrics seem to be :

On a rolling sea man jesus come to me,
Out on a rolling sea man he come,
On a rolling sea Jesus speaks to me,
Out on a rolling sea he come.

This is repeated many times but so unintelligibly that variations can't be heard although they are probably there. What I am most interested are five sections not sung but spoken quite rapidly. Every dash represents an unknown word but all words are uncertain.

Here's what I have so far.
1. On a rolling sea, I got terrible dreams - - - - - with the men who don't want another - - and the barbaree bell(belt?) for doctors I've saved and i'm gon' - - - - a terrible gait the sea me be hell of my fish over way was (insert random Spence growling guitar eating noises here.)

2. A rolling sea terrible doing on my cousin - - - - - - - - - - (repeat 1. starting from 'and the barbaree ...)

3.See me be hell(Michael?) by the faith no white emission for the terrible but wonderful sight and behold a great ruler on the crease on the wave and he swallowed a prophet and a man possessed by terror (more grunts here)

4. Repeat 1. (I think)

If anyone knows these parts on can improve on them please do so. If someone does I'll take a stab at the fifth section.


p.s. barbara, what's a troll? don't think i'm one but that's only my opinion.