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Posted By: Arnie
26-May-11 - 07:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Met PC to stand trial for manslaughter
Subject: RE: BS: Met PC to stand trial for manslaughter
And meantime, four Leicestershire police officers are to be punished with a stern telling off by their superiors that will stay on their files for as long as 8 months. This is in response to an incident where a poor lady burned herself and her disabled daughter to death in their car following years of harrasment from feral kids on their estate. She had reported most of the incidents to the local cops over the years but had never received the sort of support needed to protect her and her kids. The officers involved in mishandling her case admitted making elementary blunders that let this family down, leading to the mother taking this desperate step. A stern telling-off? Is that really proportionate to the outcome of these officers' negligence?? If it were not for an IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Authority) investigation, they probably wouldn't even have got a telling-off.