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Posted By: GUEST,Fang's Fury
27-May-11 - 05:00 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: My Old Man (Steve Goodman)
Subject: Chords Add: My Old Man (Goodman)
This works! The capo is critical.

My Old Man chords
Capo 2nd fret

I D miss my old G man to D night
And I D wish he was G here with D me
G With his corny jokes and his cheap cigars
He could look you in the eye and sell you a D car
Well, that's A not an easy thing to D do
But no one ever G knew a more charming creature
D Upon this earth than A my old D man

He was a pilot in the G big D war
in the D U.S. G Army Air D Corps
G In a C-47 with a heavy load
Full of combat cargo for the D Burma Road
And A after they dropped the D bomb
He came home G and married Mom and
D Not long after that he became A my old D man

And oh the fights G we D had
When my D brother and G I got him D mad
G He'd get all boiled up and he'd start to shout
And I knew what was coming so I D tuned him out
And A now the old man's D gone
And G I'd give all I own
D To hear what he said when I wasn't listening to A my old D man

I D miss my old G man to D night
And I can D almost G see his D face
G He was always trying to watch his weight
And his heart only made to fifty D eight
For the A first time since he D died
G Late last night I cried
D I wondered when I was gonna do that for A my old D man