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Posted By: Richard Bridge
29-May-11 - 10:17 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Optical drive on Mac - and other bits
Subject: Tech: Optical drive on Mac - and other bits
I don't do Macs - but I might be being pressed to fix an Imac G4 (the one that looks a bit like a table lamp). A princely 700 MHz!

It has a special "Duke of York" (this is an English Joke, it's not really called that) CD/DVD drive - it's neither in nor out but halfway, and resistant to firm pressure. I believe they are a readily obtainable Pioneer drive - if I can get at the thing. Can anyone advise me?

Also, the funny powered speaker socket that only MAC use has part of itself missing and probably has part of a plug that should fit it stuck inside and broken off. Sure, normal speakers on the headphone out would work - but can that socket be changed or bypassed?

Next is the keyboard - F14 key is missing. The button down the hole works. I think it's called the "Pro" keyboard. I may be able to get a key but should there also be a spring or something and do they just clip together?

Finally the "Pro" speakers. I think the drive units work but the wire to them is internally open circuit. One speaker is already in pieces - is there some sort of locating gasket that ought to put it back together? As for the one that is not in pieces, how do I get it to pieces? Leverage with a small screwdriver achieves nothing other than that "Something is about to break" feeling. I could cut the flaming thing in half with a hacksaw and glue it back later I suppose...

Irritatingly, apart from these hardware faults everything else is fine and the software runs perfectly so throwing it away would be wasteful.