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Posted By: gnu
31-May-11 - 03:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: What are your favourite cooking spices?
Subject: BS: What are your favourite cooking spices?
In my search to maintain my recently acquired girlish figure (as per my diet thread) I have been researching various recipes such as in my canned tomatoe and other similiar threads. Of course, it's not just about dieting for weight loss insomuch as attempting to teach myself how to cook more than the basics, which I do well enough to have gotten quite fat in the past.

I wondered if asking this question in thie here Café might evoke responses which would educate me in a different manner and moreso than simply researching recipes on the internut.

Soooo... what are your fav spices AND why AND what types of dishes do you use them in? For instance. I have read that cumin has tremendous properties regarding throat health... does anyone use it?... in what types of dishes? Most importantly, should I really have rosemary in my kitchen?