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Posted By: GUEST,gordon haskell
02-Jun-11 - 02:28 AM
Thread Name: Whatever happened to Gordon Haskell?
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to Gordon Haskell?
Bradley Manning -all you have to do is type in his name to Google. The BBC are not that helpful with the real details. A link? Try his name or 'Courage to Resist'.
The fact that some may not know who he is , means that the British media are editing the news. It would be headlines in a democratic country. The public all know about the X Factor.
It should be rather worrying to us all but as Johnnie Walker was always fond of saying to me in his nice way, ' live on Planet Should, whereas I live on Planet Is'.
. When you hear of a brave Welshman being tortured by the US military at the behest of The White House, Say nothing, do nothing. Take the money, think positive, and be happy. My answer to that is 'Bollocks'. I am happy to be free to speak my mind, and I do not speak at all until I have thoroughly checked the evidence in order to illuminate the darkness. This is what an artist does best.   Money, career? Forget it. If you are not part of the solution, you become part of the problem. I would rather be a hobo than succumb to what all adds up to pure fascism. Bradley Manning has been in solitary for over 12 months, stripped naked, humiliated, manacled, simply for having the guts to call a spade a spade. And he is threatened with the death sentence. It's a bloody disgrace. To do nothing makes criminals of us all. Dig deep. Or lay back and think of England.