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02-Jun-11 - 03:10 AM
Thread Name: Whatever happened to Gordon Haskell?
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to Gordon Haskell?
King Crimson is what happens when cousins marry. I accept your apology. And yes, all of what you say is true. But at 65 years old one grows tired of turning the other cheek. I have taken 40 years of insults from King Crimson fans. I have met many. When told the truth , as I was actually there when Lizard was made,, they prefer to cling to their absurd illusions . That's OK with me. I am not a dictator. I am a free man and as a free man I can now punch back as hard as I wish to defend myself. Particularly as 30 pounds a week for 9 months of my life in 1971 in that shambolic fascist scene always seemed unfair, and was never enough to buy my silence. I am sure after 40 years of CD re-masters etc it has recouped its costs. Fortunately, due to my own hard work and fight against that and other breeds of fascism in the music business, I can now retire, peacefully and happily. I am so glad it is all over. What a complete waste of energy and time when I could have been here on this island years ago, growing my own food and building my own house and looking after 8 cats. To say nothing of the amazing woman standing beside me. And I can work as a real musician/singer-songwriter anywhere, anytime. I just choose not to. That is what freedom is. Hobos do it and I always preferred hobos to most people. They've got guts. Check out Eden Ahbez. He only needed to write one song 'Nature Boy'. He said it all in less than 2 minutes. That my friend is called Genius. And he slept out rough. And by all accounts, was extremely happy. He didn't need to be invited to Royal Ascot with all the other twats.