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Posted By: Kent Davis
02-Jun-11 - 10:38 PM
Thread Name: Patrick Gainer - WV Song Collector
Subject: Patrick Gainer - WV Song Collector
Collector, author, singer, scholar, and founder of the West Virginia State Folk Festival, Dr. Patrick W. Gainer is quoted in many Mudcat threads and many of his finds are in the DT. I think it's time he had his own thread.   

He collected about 50 Child ballads in West Virginia. Here
are his comments about, and recordings of, a few of them. The ballads included here are:

#1      ("Riddles Wisely Expounded"/"The Devil's Questions"),
#2A   ("The Elfin Knight"/"Are Any of You Going to the Calhoun Fair")
#2B   ("Oh Where Are You Going"),
#4      ("Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight"/"The Six Kings' Daughters"),
#7      ("Earl Brand"/"The Seven Sons"),
#10A   ("The Twa Sisters"/"The Sister's Murder")
#10B   (introductory comments only, the singing is from his source, Maggie Hammons),
#11      ("The Cruel Brother"/"The Bride's Murder"),
#12A   ("John Randall"/"John Ellis My Son")
#12B   ("Johnny Randall")
#12C   (a children's version), and
#13      ("Edward"/"The Father's Murder")

I hope you enjoy them.