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Posted By: Kent Davis
04-Jun-11 - 12:20 AM
Thread Name: Mudcatters at Vandalia gathering?
Subject: RE: Mudcatters at Vandalia gathering?

It was a beautiful day, hot but not scorching. The girls danced just about all day Saturday, and their proud Papa spent the day watching. Will post a link to a video as soon as it is edited. Wish you and Annie could have been there. I'm praying for y'all.


I planned to stop by the Westman's bowed psaltry booth to find out about re-stringing (or re-hairing or whatever you call it) our psaltry bow and to meet you. It was getting late so I rushed back to the car, bent down to fish the bow out of the back seat, and heard a most disturbing sound. Fabric ripping. Chino pants fabric. Not a good sound to hear two hours from home, surrounded by thousands who didn't wish to know my personal answer to "Boxers or briefs?" Out came the shirt-tails and I CAREFULLY did my best old-man shuffle over to the square dance area, collected the girls, and home we came. Sorry I missed you. Maybe next year. Maybe at Glenville.